Combining an array of meticulously tweaked polytemponic beats, explosive basslines, and soaring melodies, Sugarpill fluidly melds sounds into a crunked-out speaker shaking musical escapade. The Sugarpill sound and live experience defies the boundaries of genre-centric electronic music and ventures into a multidimensional musical realm that unites fans across a vast spectrum. With sounds that churn audiences in visceral dance while simultaneously captivating the imagination through soulful harmony, Sugarpill continues to break ground at the forefront of the West-Coast future sound.


Coachella 2011 and 2012, Lightning in a Bottle 2012, Emissions Festival 2012, What the Festival 2012, Sonic Bloom 2012, Impulse Festival 2012, Bounce Festival 2011, Snowball Festival 2011, Earthdance, Low End Theory LA, The Do Lab, Bass Camp Events, Camp Question Mark, Nexus


Muti Music, Simplify Recordings, Daly City Records, 1320 Records, Gruntworthy Music