Headtron is a Los Angeles based music collective that provides an all-encompassing home for today’s electronic music producers. What began as a booking agency in 2010 has evolved into a much larger platform for navigating the current music industry landscape. Comprised of a close-knit team who believe in fostering a family atmosphere, Headtron carefully helps nurture every aspect of their artists’ career. From music distribution through their own record label or on some of the most prominent in the industry, to developing a live show through Headtron’s in-house, cutting-edge visual and production team, plus professional tour booking, full management services, marketing, licensing and merchandise expertise.
Headtron’s connections run deep in both the underground community as well as within the mainstream entertainment industry. Each of the artists that make up the collective believe in working together to create something special in the dance music scene and they help to push one another to reach their full potential. For the Headtron family, it’s always been about the pure love of music and that burning passion is continually poured into everything they do.