5 Points Gathering – July 3rd – 5th, 2015

5 Points Gathering – July 3rd – 5th, 2015

Headtron 5 Points Gathering Mt. Baldy

Truly, not enough can be said about 5 Points, but it would be impossible not to start with its O.G. roots and mystical location. It is a place like no other. Some of the Headtron crew first visited the 5 Points event in 2008 (two years before there was a “Headtron”) and it was an early window into the heart of renegade west coast bass culture. Set atop gorgeous Mt. Baldy, the tallest peak in Southern California, with sheer sloping cliffs and trees with knotted, eerie faces and jagged roots and branches that echo the souls of spirits from the wild, it only takes a moment’s ride up the chairlift to realize you are entering hallowed ground. That year the event could not have been more than a year or two old and consisting of no more than 40-50 guests but the musical lineup would serve as a harbinger of what would come on a much larger scale with Heyoka and MiM0SA headlining an insane lineup of yet discovered talent and bumping their psychedelic alien transmissions into outer space under a full moon while ninjas from other dimensions danced throughout the trees conjuring the mountain spirits.  It was the single most important experience in shaping the conception of Headtron and a promise that 5 Points will always be dear to our hearts.5 Points Gathering Headtron

As the years have passed and the event has grown, Headtron has been honored to play various roles in helping to produce or program what is one of the most unique camping festival experiences that exists anywhere, with special affection for 2012, the year in which Headtron produced the main stage with Audiowaska Sound. 5 Points is the baby of Joey Earthsteppa, one of the true old skool legends of the LA underground scene with his Rootabreaka crew. Say hi to him and thank him if you get the chance this weekend. Sugarpill, GoldRush, jOBOT, and lots of friends will be there helping to hold it down. With the headline night coinciding with July 4th, and views that stretch from Nevada to the coast, this year promises to be particularly special…

It is a safe bet to say there would not be a Headtron without a 5 Points. Lots of love to 5 Points Productions to keeping it going and keeping the underground alive and well in SoCal. Enjoy!

Headtron Crew at 5 points Gathering festival Photography by Smash LeFunk